A time trialists view of UpShift Nutrition products.

News Written by Ollie Peckover

With the lack of bunch racing this year, it was an easy decision to dedicate the majority of my training time towards developing my time trial ability. With winning margins being so small and speeds getting faster in an ever increasingly competitive UK domestic time trial scene, making sure everything is in tip top shape is crucial.

With preparation for events playing such a big part in your performance on the day, ensuring that my kit bag contains UpShift Nutrition products is a must; not only because sporting performance is greatly hindered by dehydration, but sporting performance is greatly enhanced by correct nutrition and fuelling.

Sipping a bottle of UpShift SUSTAIN in the couple of hours prior to your event, perhaps during travel and during your prep time when you arrive, will leave you knowing that your muscles have everything they need to get you through the event.

Whilst UpShift Nutrition were developing the products and testing them out in real world environments, it became clear that they had developed a wonder product in the UpShift EDGE drink, the perfect drink for that final preparation, getting you in the zone ready to unleash everything you have and have worked so hard on in training.

I felt these effects first-hand and put their research results to the test. I knew I had two time trials, on the same course with weather conditions looking to be very similar, two weeks apart. For my first event, I decided not to take the EDGE as a part of my pre-race routine, and for the second event, I took a two-scoop serving, the recommended amount for a shorter event less than an hour in duration.

The results were mind-blowing! In the first 2 minutes, I found myself having to hold back, looking down and seeing a number I knew would be out of reach for me for the expected 19 minute effort, it really did make me feel that good on the bike. After finishing the event, and uploading the ride, for the same segment/course, I saw an improvement of 17 watts, right in the middle of the range seen by the team at UpShift during their pre-release product testing.

Coincidence? I think not. I just think it’s a truly incredible product that someone has put a lot of time, effort and research into developing.


Once your big event has finished, it is paramount that you are replenishing the fuel you have used during the race. Sometimes you may not have the ability to have a full nutritious meal with you're at your event, the next best thing you can have to really kickstart your recovery is a carbohydrate and protein drink mix. With every other post-ride drink I have used from various brands, they all tend to have the same texture, a thick drink which after you’ve emptied the tank going full gas, can be hard to consume.

After using the UpShift RESET post-ride drink, I feel other brands have got it wrong. RESET is much thinner than your normal shake, making it a lot easier to drink and consume, getting the legs recovered and ready to go again and to continue pushing your performance.


Now we are moving into winter, a large proportion of us will be spending more time at home training in our pain-caves, whatever indoor training platform you use, I think we can all agree we all get carried away and normally go a lot harder than initially planned trying to race people… even if they aren’t trying to race you!

I for example, spend a lot of my time using Zwift for my indoor training platform of choice, taking part in multiple races each week, and getting the early morning rides in before work. With Zwift racing, it is all about those short, punchy efforts; making sure you are on it, ready to jump on those attacks, or taking your chances attacking, is the difference between winning and losing.

I have been using EDGE for both of my mid-week evening races since the beginning of October, with Tuesday races being group races which tend to be filled with punchy climbs, and Thursday events being team time trials, which end up being a long over/under session. Strip both events back, and you end up having races where you sit around zone 3, comfortable, but uncomfortable at the same time, but have the short, sharp efforts sometimes around 8 minutes in length during the bunch races.

With training this year focussing primarily on the efforts 15-20minutes in length, it was a boost to see that in recent weeks in these events, I have been seeing power PB’s left, right and centre, and without a doubt being down to taking EDGE as a pre-race drink.

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