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Why Choose EDGE Over All Those Other Pre-Workouts?  

Pre-workout products are 10 a penny. From fancy formulas stuffed with ingredients to overpriced fizzy pop in a can, the choice is overwhelming. We developed EDGE so you could avoid decision overload and go straight for a pre-workout backed by the latest research*. 

But we totally understand that you need to know why. Here’s what’s different about EDGE – and why it’s a smart option that’s amazingly cost-effective. 

Nothing but science 

As a supplement brand, we’re interested in human performance. It’s what makes us tick. We’re fascinated by what the human body can endure and churn out, and how it can switch to the next gear under extraordinary conditions. That’s why all UpShift products are research driven.

Short ingredient list (no extras) 

You’ll notice there are only five active ingredients in EDGE (we're not including the natural flavouring and sweetener in that count). If you’ve got used to some of the showier pre workouts, you might feel short changed. Please don’t. 

The truth is that many of those other pre workouts add unnecessary ingredients, or include them in such small doses that it’s not worth the bother. 

We kept it simple and scientific. Unless there was overwhelming scientific support for an ingredient and a dosage, we didn’t include it.

We’ll detail each ingredient below ordered by weight in the formula. We show the suggested dosing from the research and the amount included in both a single and a double serving of EDGE . 

L-Citrulline Malate 

L-Citrulline Malate (L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 to give it it’s full name) makes it in because it increases nitric oxide (NO) production in your body. This means greater blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to your working muscles – and faster removal of the waste products that cause fatigue. In real terms this means better aerobic endurance and energy output, and faster recovery between training sessions or after a race. "L-Citrulline" is expensive. It's one that's often under-dosed.

Research suggested serving: 6,000-8,000mg around an hour before exercise.

Included in EDGE: 4,000mg (single serving) 8,000mg (double serving).

Creatine Monohydrate 

Often named the “most researched sports performance ingredient”, creatine certainly does have a ton of clout. We couldn’t justify producing a pre workout without creatine in it. Creatine has so many benefits, from helping you build and protect muscle mass to assisting with power output during high intensity exercise.

Research suggested serving: 5,000mg/day - not timing-dependent.

Included in EDGE: 2,500mg (single serving) 5,000mg (double serving).

Beta Alanine 

The tingly one. Beta Alanine is scientifically proven to improve exercise performance, lactate thresholds, and aerobic power (especially when combined with creatine – as we’ve done here). But we know some people don’t like the tingly feeling so we've kept a single serving of Beta Alanine at a sensible 2,000mg. We’ve done it that way to give you the option of keeping it there, or double dosing if you want more. Your choice. 

Research suggested serving: 2,000-5,000mg/day - not timing-dependent.

Included in EDGE: 2,000mg (single serving) 4,000mg (double serving).

Caffeine and L-Theanine 

What's a pre workout without caffeine? Caffeine (specifically caffeine anhydrous in this case) makes the cut for its stimulant qualities, helping you switch on and find more mental and physical energy for training. But how often do you see caffeine and L-theanine together in a pre workout? We used this combination, in a ratio of caffeine to theanine of 1:2, because studies have shown it to improve your attention span in a way not seen with either ingredient on it's own. Truly more than the sum of its parts. We've also included just enough caffeine to get the required effects without risking over stimulation and the associated groggy feeling later in the day. Don't confuse the caffeine in EDGE as equivalent to a cup of coffee, caffeine anhydrous has been shown to have a greater effect on performance than that found in your favourite cuppa.

You can read more about the physiological performance effects of caffeine in our blog post here

Research suggested serving (caffeine): 3-6mg/kg bodyweight 30-60 minutes before exercise.

Included in EDGE: 115mg (single serving) 230mg (double serving).

Stress-tested by athletes 

EDGE doesn’t just taste good and give you a bit of a boost. It delivers serious ergogenic gains that you or your coach will be able to see in your stats. 

We’ve used EDGE in studies with time triallists (those people know the meaning of intense effort!) and seen incredible results. We can’t give you exact numbers – you have to be so careful with claims around supplements. But we can tell you that time triallists drinking EDGE see significant improvements in speed, power, and performance. PBs are set on this stuff. 

Check out this blog for a time trialists experience with UpShift Nutrition products.

A unique formula 

We’ve done as much research as humanly possible and haven’t found another pre workout blend with the same ingredients at the same doses (and without any unnecessary extras). 

EDGE is driven by science, and developed for performance. We’ve thought about the ingredients, the combinations, and the doses. The flavour is light and refreshing. 

More cost effective than you’d think 

And the cost-effective bit? Guess what EDGE works out at for one serving? £1.13 (to be precise). We’ve done our research and we know that’s in line with other less scientifically-dosed pre workouts. And it’s definitely cheaper than a pre-mixed can of caffeinated fizzy pop.  

If you’re looking for a pre workout that’s driven by the latest sports science, look no further. Elite athletes and scientific researchers give us the thumbs up. Ready to give us a go?


* check the PRODUCT SUMMARY tab on the EDGE product page to see some reference studies.

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