Performance focused sports nutrition.

Why UpShift.

UpShift Nutrition was born out of a desire to create sports nutrition products that don't just follow the crowd. In an industry of many competitors we had become increasingly aware that most were doing the same thing, or very close to it, with choice to the athlete being mostly limited to price and perhaps flavour. At UpShift we aim to offer the possibility to realise your potential through the application of the latest research to our products and to your nutrition strategy in competition and training.

Product development.

Our products contain only the ingredients shown, in peer reviewed research, to offer benefit to you, the athlete. If there's a doubt over whether or not a particular ingredient will deliver you the desired outcome, in terms of getting the very best from your chosen sport, we don't include it.

We take nothing for granted and continuously follow the latest research to shape our products. We realise, of course, that including the best ingredients, in carefully considered quantities, is no good at all if the end product tastes bad or upsets your stomach. Everything we do has as much focus on flavour and gut comfort as it does on performance. You simply can't get the most out of your sport if you feel awful (or even fear that you will) so any ingredient that may cause upset is discounted from inclusion in our products.

Clean ingredients, nothing artificial, natural flavours.

We pick our suppliers carefully and insist on the best ingredients available (our main supplier is an Informed-Sport registered site meaning it has strict controls in place and is routinely audited and swab tested to minimise inadvertent contamination with prohibited substances) . We also remain as close to natural as we can get. We don't use artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours and our ingredients are derived from natural sources.

We've spent countless hours working with our chosen flavour partner to deliver the best tasting products. We were keen to keep the flavours as subtle as possible and with the minimum sweetness. We think we've got the best tasting products out there and we hope you will agree.

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